The Ultimate Guide to College Success

We've designed this class to give you a good idea of what's necessary to succeed in college, from social/emotional health to academic success. We'll help you build the right mindset and leverage technology to achieve your potential.

College is expensive.

And it's not getting cheaper anytime soon. After everything from textbooks to tuition, you can expect to pay more than you thought possible.

They don't publish 4-year graduation rates.

Seriously, only the colleges with the best rates publish them. Everyone else will tell you their SIX year graduation rate instead. Why would they want you to leave anyway? Just look at what you're paying them!

Get in, get out, make the most of it.

Work hard in college and make the most of it, but don't spend 6 years there. You'll learn a LOT of tips and tricks of how to maximize your time in college.

College skills are life skills, but you get to practice them.

We'll help you learn all of them.

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Building your reading stamina is crucial for success, so our course is designed to help you build that stamina!


Embedded videos of our instructors help break up the monotony and give you an idea of what college lectures SHOULD be like...


Quizzes and reading checks, downloadable worksheets, note-taking practice, and other activities help you put your knowledge to use!