Who's this course for?


There are many people who would benefit from this course, but it will help several groups in particular:

Current College Students

  1. It's likely you haven't actually learned how to succeed in college (or life).
  2. Even if you feel prepared, there are a LOT of tips and tricks you can use to significantly improve the quality of your life in college.

College is expensive, especially if you don't graduate in 4 years... Because of the way colleges often require your schedules to be set up, if you fail just one class it could mean an entire semester or year you have to stay in college to get your degree.

Even if you're a good student using your time efficiently is key. The more time you have, the more you can spend it doing what you want. There are definitely some tricks in this class that will help you do just that!

High School Seniors

  1. You've been stuck in senioritis for too long
  2. You've GOT to shake out the cobwebs before you go!

There's definitely something you're worried about in college, from academics to making friends to doing laundry or cooking. Whatever you're worried about, we've got a solution!

Current High School Students

  1. School won't fully (or sometimes even partially) prepare you for college: the independence, the organization and time management necessary, etc.
  2. It's better to learn what you need to know BEFORE you need to know it!

Practice the skills and develop the right mindset so you'll be successful in college or in life in the "real world."

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