Why this course?

Because you should be prepared for life.

That's arguably the purpose of school after all, and it doesn't do a good job of that.

The skills will help in college AND life.

Learning how to manage your time, stay organized, learn on your own, use technology to your advantage, and have the right attitude/mentality/mindset will all be crucial to your lifelong success.

It's very likely that your school never taught you these skills. If you learned them on your own that's excellent! However there are still LOTS of tips and tricks that we can teach you which will make your life easier in the long-run.

Success in college isn't guaranteed. EVER.

It doesn't matter what high school you go to, your GPA, the name of your college, who your parents are, what your major is.

Check out this graph below. The title makes it a little confusing, but here's basically what it shows broken down so it makes sense:

The percentage of first-time, full-time bachelor-seeking students at a 4-year college who graduate from that school in 6 years


Example: If Sarah (most college students and graduates are women) graduated from high school last year and attends Rutgers University the next school year, the chances of her graduating from Rutgers in 6 years with a bachelor's degree is 65%.

This statistic should honestly be shocking. If EVERY college freshman was told their chances on the first day, or back in their high schools with their guidance counselors, how many would still want to go?

Colleges don't even publish their 4-year rates anymore.

Colleges don't want you to graduate.

There is no incentive for your college/university to help you graduate in 4 years. Why would they want their cash cow to leave? In case you need reminding, take a look at the graph below that shows just how expensive college has become.

I think we can agree: it's important to graduate as soon as possible, to save time AND money.

That's where we can help!

This course will help you learn all of the skills you'll need to succeed, and also help you shift your mindset to see college differently. We've got loads of tips, collected over years from dozens of people, to help even the most prepared student crush it in college.

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